“Winchester” (2018) Film Review

A fascinating story can capture the imagination of anyone, the Winchester mystery house is one such story. A fascinating story, told over many decades but can what appears to be a run of the mill ghost movie live up to that legend and more importantly does this movie deserve to have Helen Mirren in it?

            The short answer to that question is no, the long answer to that question will be the remainder of this review. Was there anything this movie got right outside casting it’ two main leads in Jason Clarke and Helen Mirren? Well the movie’s exteriors filmed at the real Winchester house and the sets were really visually impressive, everything going on around them was insulting to a person’s intelligence.

            The set-up of a doctor going to evaluate a woman’s mental health in a potentially haunted house is not a bad story concept. But instead of approaching this movie with dignity and class, it’s approached like a trashy throw away film. Simply put instead of trying for The Exorcist they settled on being an Annabelle sequel.

            Horror at some point in the last 10 years was boiled down to generic jump scares and that is this movie to a T, if you do have the unfortunate luck of sitting through this movie don’t worry about being spooked because more than half the jump scares are fake outs. While the Spierig Brother’s didn’t direct the film badly, there was no shaky camera work or anything, they do also shoulder the blame for the film’s script and that is a sin that can’t be forgiven.

            Whoever is truly to blame for what this movie turned out to be is irrelevant, this is truly one of the worst horror movies I’ve seen in close to a decade. It’s best summed as simultaneously boring and loud, my intelligence was insulted repeatedly and for the first time ever I considered walking out of a movie.

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